Conveyancing calculator


I am both selling and buying a property

Use the Hudgell & Partners’ Conveyancing calculator to estimate your legal fees. Once you know whether the property is freehold or leasehold and the sale price, we can calculate your legal fees and help you to calculate your additional costs generated by the sale.

How to use the calculator to estimate your legal fees:

  1. Value: Enter the prices without commas
  2. Freehold or leasehold: Houses tend to be freehold and flats tend to be leasehold, check with your estate agent if in doubt if buying, check your title deeds if selling
  3. Sale price: If the purchase or sale price is over £1m please email Nick Hart or call Hudgell & Partners’ Conveyancing department on 0208 854 1331 for a quotation

The estimate assumes that if you are buying, you are not mortgaging the property more than once and not using a lender who employs their own conveyancer. It also assumes that if you are selling your property, it consists of only one title and that you are repaying a maximum of one loan.

The estimator will not work for brand new properties or shared ownership properties as the paperwork for these transactions is more extensive and more complex. Please email if this applies to you

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