Mortgages and Remortgages

We can assist with the placing of a mortgage against your property. This will include advice on the mortgage contract, checking the title of your property and the requirements of your lender, complying with any mortgage conditions, preparing the mortgage deed for signature, where necessary obtaining a redemption figure for any existing mortgage, giving you a detailed mortgage statement, completing the transaction and repaying any existing mortgage and accounting to you with any monies due.

We aim to complete all mortgages and remortgages within one month from the receipt of the mortgage instructions from your lender.

Our quote assumes that we will be instructed to act on behalf of your lender. If this is not the case then our fee may be higher as some lenders have extensive requirements.

Our fees for dealing with mortgage/remortgage transactions are as follows:

Freehold Property: £714.00 including VAT

Leasehold Property: £834.00 including VAT

In addition we will have to make payments to other agencies as follows:

Land Registry registration fee: Normally either £40 or £60 depending on the loan value

Land Registry searches: £5 plus £2 for each addidtional name on the mortgage

Land Registry deeds: £3

Local search indemnity insurance: Normally between £25 and £100 depending on the value of the loan

N.B. Local search indemnity insurance will only be possible if your lender agrees to it. Otherwise we will have to carry out a local search and wait for the result. Cost to be advised.

For leasehold properties the following may also be necessary:

Notice of charge fee: The fee is usually between £60 and £180

Copy lease and freehold deeds: £14