Domestic abuse and injunctions

An abusive relationship can come to dominate your life and the lives of those you love. You are likely to be confused and scared, not knowing what to do. If you want and need help, Hudgell & Partners provide a 24 hour domestic abuse helpline for victims of domestic abuse, together with specialist legal help and signposting services that can help you.

What will the domestic abuse team provide?

  • Information and advice on domestic abuse, your rights and your legal  options
  • Liaising with the Police on your behalf
  • Representation at court proceedings
  • Access to interpreting and drug testing services
  • Obtaining non-molestation orders on your behalf. This means that your partner or ex-partner can no longer threaten you or your child and this  is now a criminal offence
  • Information, advice and assistance on honour based violence and forced marriage
  • Access to Legal Aid  to cover your costs if you are eligible

 Call the confidential helpline: 07921 023 153