Business dealings

Business sale and purchase

Selling or buying a business is a complex matter where it pays to take legal advice throughout the several stages involved. Starting with a valuation of the company, it pays to understand what to include and what to value. Tax advice and maximizing the benefits of complex tax laws can benefit both buyer and seller. Evaluating offers, negotiating terms, putting together the heads of agreement all benefit from expert legal guidance. Drafting the business contract, agreeing the transfer of ownership deeds and completing the sale are the final part of the process.

Business contracts

The Business Contract will detail all the agreed terms. This will include the division of the sale price between property, goodwill, contents and stock, issues concerning VAT, and how customer and supplier contracts will be dealt with. Transfer of staff, treatment of creditors and debtors, restraint of trade and warranties will also feature in the Contract.

The Contract represents the conclusive agreement between the buyer and seller and needs careful drafting.

The business team at Hudgell & Partners have a detailed grasp of the complexities of the process and have sold and bought many businesses, both small and large, across different sectors in South East London.

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