Divorce and finance

Divorce and Civil partnership dissolution

The decision to get divorced is not lightly taken and comes at a time when many competing issues may all need to be resolved. When and how to use your solicitor is an important consideration and your solicitor can help you plan your future, giving you advice on the procedure, cost and timescale involved in getting divorced.

The Family team at Hudgell & Partners have helped many clients through the process, advising when and what to do and when. All of the Solicitors within the team are members of Resolution, an organization of family lawyers that promotes a non-confrontational approach to resolving legal matters.

For an introduction to the terms commonly used and an outline of the procedure for conducting an uncontested divorce, please click here: Divorce Terminology (pdf).

Should you decide that you need further advice, come in to meet one of our specialist Family Solicitors who can advise you on the right course of action to take regarding your children, your home, any other  property, pensions, possessions and maintenance as well as the likely cost and how to fund it.

Matrimonial Finance

Financial settlements can be one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce for a parting couple. A clear picture of the couple’s existing assets, liabilities, debts and income may be hard to reach initially and without clarity, can add to the legal costs of a divorce.

Once you have both made full and frank financial disclosure, your solicitor will be better able to advise as to what the Court is likely to do. With that in mind you will be better able to negotiate a settlement appropriate for you. If you cannot sort things out between you, it may be worth considering Mediation in the hope of avoiding the Court process. Once all avenues leading to settlement are exhausted however, it may be necessary to apply to Court and the Court will make orders dealing with the assets of the marriage.

Funding your divorce

Hudgell & Partners offer a fixed fee session with a member of the Family Law team where it is possible to review your circumstances, finances, and family commitments to reach a recommendation regarding the likely costs you can expect to pay with an overview of the possible finance packages that are available: soft loans, bridging loans and financial loan products created specifically for the divorce market.